APY S.à r.l.

APY S.à r.l.

Who are we?

In the fall of 2019, a great idea sparks up in a great mind and is nurtured and without any fear and delay, the birth of a prominent company ‘APY’ is declared. Being a limited liability company, APY uses the online platform and deals with the production and sales of semi-finished and finished goods and services to its highly esteemed clientele in Cameroon, Africa and beyond.

‘APY’ is an acronym which stands for Ajamah, Pokam and Yongwa which are the names of its founders. Pokam being the incubator of the fabulous idea.

APY has its Headquarter in Obili, Yaounde Cameroon.

Our Mission/ Values and Vision

We’ve always believed in serving the best Semi finished and finished products (medical and electrical appliances) to our clients and It’s our goal and mission to supply these goods and services at the cheapest rates possible and suited for every community at any time, with the highest standards of quality. Our team is made up of medical personnel’s and engineers to provide the best goods and services to our customers. APY seeks to produce goods and services suited for every community, especially Cameroon and the African community.

Our Products/ Services

APY deals with semi-finished and finished goods in the medical sector, all medical appliances and much more. Some categories are listed below

Stethoscope Devices
  • Diagnostic supplies, Products & Equipment (coming soon)
  • Orthopaedic products( coming soon)
  • Emergency medical equipment and supplies ( coming soon)
  • Medical consumables ( coming soon)
  • Surgical Supplies and equipment ( coming soon)
  • Surgical Instruments ( coming soon)

APY equally deals with electronic appliances of all sort in the following categories;

The world of healthy Entertainment
  • Computer, Office & Security
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Phones and Telecommunications and much more.

All these goods are supplied at the cheapest rate possible and made suitable for the community in which it is supplied.

Delivery time

APY offers the best quote and delivers goods and services within the shortest duration possible and at the cheapest rates you can have in Cameroon. Goods are delivered within 7-21 days. We equally have a 14 days back money guarantee. In our Ready for delivery Category , you can order goods and have it delivered within 3 days.

Customer engagement is one of the utmost goals of APY, we keep our clients informed about the parcel delivery all throughout the journey. Inform customer about the estimated delivery time. We equally update the customers by sending updates through SMS.

APY ensures a proper packaging of goods and protects the parcel throughout the journey to ensure intact delivery with good insurance. 

Payment System

No need to go to a bank to pay for goods on APY, no need to stress, in the confines of your home, pay for your goods and services on APY. We have a secured online payment system, and equally an on delivery payment system. Payments can be done through Afrikpay, MTN and Orange Mobile Money, VISA and MasterCard.

Afrikpay, Cameroon most reliable online payment service provider .

Websites:  http://apyservice.com/

Email: electro@apyservice.com

Phone numbers



Monday to Saturday: 9am – 5pm

24 Hours online support