AUN MINI Projector 2 hours Standby Time Smart Phone Screen Mirroring for Home Cinema HDMI 1080P Display Portable 3D Projector X3

AUN MINI Projector 2 hours Standby Time Smart Phone Screen Mirroring for Home Cinema HDMI 1080P Display Portable 3D Projector X3

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Product Description

<h2 class="ql-align-center"></h2>   <p>​</p>   <p>&nbsp;</p>   <h2 class="ql-align-center"><img src="" alt="X3 颜色对比图"></h2>   <h2>​————————————————</h2>   <h2 class="ql-align-center"><strong>AUN Newest MiNi Projector for Smart Phone Mirroring, Compatible with IOS/Android Phones.</strong></h2>   <p class="ql-align-center">No need WIFI connection, you can sync your phone screen to the projector directly through USB cable or Wireless connection.&nbsp;Slide protection cover, better protect the lens from destroying.</p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p><strong><img src="" alt="海报"></strong></p>   <h3><strong>Parameter Optics&nbsp;</strong><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>4k projector PK xgimi h2 laser projector</h3>   <p>①&nbsp;Brightness: 2000 lumens</p>   <p>② Physical Resolution:&nbsp;854*480(WVGA)</p>   <p>③&nbsp;Display Technology:&nbsp;DLP 0.3 inch DMD</p>   <p>④ Throw ratio:&nbsp;1.19:1 (Distance/Width)</p>   <p>⑤ Projection Size:&nbsp;36-100inches</p>   <p>⑥&nbsp;Projection Distance: 1-3.18m</p>   <h3><strong>System / Hardware</strong></h3>   <p>① System:&nbsp;Multimedia presentation system ( You can play local video and photos through USB port )</p>   <p>②&nbsp;Sync Phone Screen:&nbsp;Support for Android / Apple systems</p>   <p>③&nbsp;Sync screen mode:&nbsp;Wireless / Wired&nbsp;(Wireless connection does not require external wifi)</p>   <p>④&nbsp;CPU:&nbsp;RK3036,&nbsp;&nbsp;Higher Standard Chips</p>   <p>①&nbsp;Battery:&nbsp;3,200mAH</p>   <p>② Speaker: 8Ω1w,&nbsp;Diameter 22mm</p>   <p>③&nbsp;Interface: USB*1, HD input*1, DC-in*1, Audio output*1</p>   <p>④&nbsp;Attention: USB port mainly used to sync the screen of your phone, cannot support to read data</p>   <h2 class="ql-align-center" data-spm-anchor-id="a2g0o.detail.1000016.i6.7f36295cFsC9Rl"></h2>   <p>&nbsp;</p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong>Small Screen Becomes Big Screen</strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center">You can mirror&nbsp;your phone screen to the projector&nbsp;through wireless or USB cable, then play games or watch videos on big screen . (Support for Android / IOS systems)</p>   <p class="ql-align-center">​</p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>   <h2 class="ql-align-center"><strong>Real scene real shot</strong></h2>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong>You can sync your phone screen to play games or watch videos throgh wireless or USB cable.</strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong><img src="" alt="有线线同屏玩游戏-1000px"></strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong>1:1 Product Real Shot</strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong><img src="" alt="8000=-1" width="1000" height="639"></strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong><img src="" alt="800" width="1000" height="639" data-spm-anchor-id="a2g0o.detail.1000016.i8.7f36295cFsC9Rl"></strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center"><img src="" alt="X3角度图 详情" width="1000" height="639"></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong>Easily solve your concerns, sync your phone screen to big screen. Get more joys when you are playing games.&nbsp;</strong></p>   <p><strong><img src="" alt="同屏" width="1000" height="1119"></strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong>DLP Display Technology</strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong>Brightness, contrast ratio is higher than the LCD projector, longer life, smaller size and more portable.</strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center"><strong><img src="" alt="6-1" width="1000" height="500"></strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong>&nbsp;Life time:&nbsp;</strong><strong>30,000</strong><strong>&nbsp;Hours</strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center"><img src="" alt="8.LED" width="1000" height="400"></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><strong>Built-in Higher Standard Chips</strong></p>   <p class="ql-align-center">Strong and stable chip technology, no delay and stuck when you are using the projector. High performance at mini design.</p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center">If you want to enjoy the cinema experience just in home, you can throw the video to the projector directly. At the same time, you can play your phone and switch your phone to other page. Easy and convenient for you to use anytime.The X3 can meet your all demands.</p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p><img class=" src="></p>   <p class="ql-align-center">X3 has mini body, it's very portable and convenient to put at anywhere and anyplace. It's smaller size than TV, but you can get larger screen than TV. And it will save your room space, really cost-effective.</p>   <p><img src="" alt="看电影"></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center">The X3 has built in 3200 mAh battery. The standby time is around 2 hours. So it's also very suiable for you to build a outside home theater. It also supports power bank charging, convenient for you to use at anytime.</p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center">Supports&nbsp;car charging, do not need to worry about the battery anymore. Outside cinema is not a dream.</p>   <p data-spm-anchor-id="a2g0o.detail.1000016.i13.7f36295cFsC9Rl"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p><img src="" alt="IMG_4969"></p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center">Multi Colors for your Choice. There must be one color which will catch your eyes.</p>   <p class="ql-align-center"><img src="" alt="详情2"></p>   <p>&nbsp;</p>   <h2 class="ql-align-center"><strong>Product Display</strong></h2>   <p class="ql-align-center">Three styles in appearance will be sent randomly (apply to Black/White/Pink colors)</p>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center"><img src="" alt="X3款式区分" width="873" height="450"></p>   <h2 class="ql-align-center"></h2>   <h2 class="ql-align-center"><img src="" alt="IMG_6081-800px" width="1000" height="800" data-spm-anchor-id="a2g0o.detail.1000016.i17.7f36295cFsC9Rl"></h2>   <h2>​</h2>   <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p class="ql-align-center"> </p>  <p><strong>About items:</strong></p>   <p>1. When you receive the package, Please open the parcel in post officer`s presence before signing, if it’s damaged or empty(stolen), ask an official document to prove it, especially the claim request paper.</p>   <p>2. LED projectors, During transportation, Usually one or two dust from the exhaust port into the projector, This is a phenomenon often happens.</p>   <p>3. We will fully test all items before sending, but cheap projectors image probably won't be perfect (LED focus problem), we just hope it's close enough for you to move on.</p>   <p>4. Please confirm whether the product and the delivery information are accurate before making payment. If the order information is incorrect, please contact customer service in time. We will do our best to help customers solve problems.</p>   <p data-spm-anchor-id="a2g0o.detail.1000016.i30.7f36295cFsC9Rl"> </p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>   <p>&nbsp;</p>   <p>&nbsp;</p>   <p>&nbsp;</p>  

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